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We are Sandeepa and Chetan living the life of our dreams

From travelling in a truck to seeing places we still don’t believe exist. From having tea in a tribal’s hut to talking about what we have learnt living this life in TEDx talks and TV interviews. We hope that through our travel stories we inspire you to make your dream into a reality.

In January 2013 we quit our jobs, sold our house and decided to travel the world. We thought we would do a year-long RTW (Round The World) trip. But an unexpected thing happened. We fell in love with the road. Long-term and slow travel became our way of life. Since then we have developed a lifestyle based on around travel.

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How travel became the tool of our transformation?

A time came in our lives when we knew we needed a change and needed it now. We knew we wanted to break the cycle of “get a new job–>earn more money–>try to live a BETTER life”. But by continuing to live the life that we lived, we weren’t going to find any answers. We needed a tool that could help us look at our lives from the outside. Our love for travel was what had helped us get together in the first place. We decided to use this love for travel as a tool to help us transform our lives.

This website is obviously about travel stories and experiences. But it is more, a story of our journey through life as we adapt to change and challenge ourselves to live out of our comfort zones – and hope to become better, responsible citizens of our planet.

A word on "Responsible Tourism" and what it means to us
Responsible travel has become the guiding principle of our travels. Not just being ecologically sensitive and trying to minimise our footprint but also being culturally and socially sensitive. We know we can not “understand” a place and its people unless we visit. A clean slate and an open mind (as much as we can) is what we carry to a place.
As we travel, we seek answers to -
1. How do the locals of a place live?
2. Why?
3. How are their food habits, their work, even their culture defined by their geographical location?
4. What relevance does the history of the place have on their present-day lives?

Stories about responsible travel

It is ALL about the connections we make

After a while, the novelty of travel can cease to amaze. Mountains, beaches, forests can all start to feel the same. A travel experience is more about the people you meet than the places you see or things you do. The connections you make with the people become the lasting memories of the place.

Those are all the stories we have for now!

Our travel style

We haven’t stereotyped ourselves in any travel category. Nor do we have a favourite travel style. Road trips to trekking, city travel to rural tourism – we like it all!


Fotu la, the highest mountain pass on the Srinagar Leh highway, NH-1 D has beautiful well maintained roads which see a lot of heavy truck traffic in the midst of the golden mountains of the Greater Himalayas.

Travel guide for the Srinagar Leh highway

In this travel guide for the Srinagar Leh highway, we will tell you everything you need to know for your road trip on this route to reach Ladakh. This travel guide is based entirely on our first-hand experience of our road trip from Srinagar to Leh.

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Cycling the Konkan coast from Mumbai

A bicycle had been my trusted childhood companion but as time went on I let go of that habit. Cycling became a sport I only observed from the outside. It came back into my life when we took short cycling trips in our travels. The spark to cycle long distance was reignited.

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Those are all the stories we have for now!


Those are all the stories we have for now!

Rural getaways

Those are all the stories we have for now!

City travel

Exploring Hyderabad: Places to visit and eat at

We had heard a lot about Hyderabad’s culinary heritage but didn’t have a local contact to help us discover the hidden treasures. We took to social media for suggestions on-the-go using our swift Airtel 4G. From unknown monuments of the Nizam’s era and one-of-a-kind ice cream parlours to inspiring stories of overcoming all obstacles, we discovered Hyderabad through the eyes of the “virtual” locals.

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Those are all the stories we have for now!

Same same but different

You don’t always have to travel to a new place to “feel” something new. Just doing something different in an often visited place can turn out to be a totally new experience.

Those are all the stories we have for now!

Being a traveller at home

And sometimes, you don’t even need to travel. Looking at “Home” with the eyes and mind of a traveller can reveal things we often miss out.

Long-term Travel

Long-term travel isn’t a long holiday. If you are planning to take the plunge (or a break) and wondering what long-term travel feels like, have a look at these stories.

Those are all the stories we have for now!


Photography is now an integral part of our travel

Travel Blogging

If you are planning to start a travel blog of your own these might be helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

Those are all the stories we have for now!

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Those are all the stories we have for now!

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