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We are Sandeepa and Chetan, full-time travellers and one of the top travel bloggers in India. At the beginning of 2013, we quit our jobs to explore travel as a lifestyle. Later, we sold our house to fund our travels. In 2014, we started the website SandeepaChetan’s Travels – Life and Travel Adventures of an Indian Couple to share our stories.

Because we did what we did at a time when it wasn’t common at all, we formed an instant connection with our readers. We dared to dream and act on the dream. All our travel stories stem from this single decision. They are heartfelt and passionate. They reflect a deep-rooted personal experience.

This is why our readers have stayed with us over the years.

To know more, have a look at the About us page.

Why partner with Sandeepa and Chetan?

  • Because we are travellers first, everything else later.
  • We are not afraid to venture in the remote corners of our planet (our choice of South America as the first long-term travel destination is a testament to this).
  • Challenges on the road do not faze us.
  • We are open to experience new cultures and ways of life.

We have been featured and interviewed by a number of publications as well as television channels. Please have a look at our Media and Features page.

To have a look at our Media kit, please write to us at

We can provide the following services

Destination Promotion

Because we do not travel like regular tourists, we can bring out unique travel stories from your destination and create a travel narrative that strikes a chord with people.

You can hire our services for content creation, photographers and experience designers.

You can send us on press trips or give us a free reign to explore as we feel will work the best.

Some examples of our work:

The Green People, GrassroutesSaffronstays, Treebo, Gujarat Tourism

We can also create long-term social media campaigns for your destination.

eg: This 55-part social media story on Kashmir

Brand campaigns

We can plan, design and execute a campaign for your brand – online or offline. Whether your campaign involves travel, photography, social media or content creation – we can do it all.

Moreover, since we are full-time travellers, we do not have time restrictions. Your campaigns can be as long and take us to any place.

We were the exclusive bloggers for the #MissionGoodFood campaign for Freshmenu


We can also do freelance writing or social media projects for your brand. Have a look at our Writing Features page.

Product reviews, promotions

Looking to have your product professionally reviewed to reach a wider audience? We can test the product from the perspective of our readers and write an honest, unbiased opinion.

Tata Hexa, Asus, Lawson Hammock

Photography and Video Licensing

Our photographs are professional quality often from hard to reach places.

Previous clients for our photos and videos include Amnesty International, Last Week Tonight by Jon Oliver, Children’s hospital in Philadelphia and many others.

Talks and Workshops

We have spoken and conducted workshops at a number of corporate, academic and social organisations.

You can invite us to speak at any such events.

Have a look at our Talks and Workshops page.

Brand Ambassadors

If your brand matches our travel philosophy we are open for a longterm association as ambassadors for your brand.

Our rates for any of these projects depend on the scope of work. Please write to us at to discuss in detail.

We will not entertain requests for barter deals. We do not accept payment in exposure. Travel is what we do for a living and this website and our social media channels are business entities. We are thorough professionals and expect a professional attitude in return.

We look forward to doing some epic work with you all!

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