Who Are We?

We are Sandeepa and Chetan, living the life of our dreams – from traveling in a truck to seeing places we still don’t believe exist. From having tea in a tribal’s hut to talking about what we have learnt living this life.
This is where we share everything about our travels and our lives!

Sandeepa and Chetan at Tso Moriri, Ladakh, India

We hope that through our travel stories we inspire you to make your dream into a reality.

Sandeepa is an Electronics Engineer who designed circuits and is now the writer for this blog. Chetan worked in digital media for almost 12 years and is now the photographer for this blog. In January 2013 we quit our jobs, sold our house and decided to travel the world. We thought we would do a year-long RTW (Round The World) trip. But an unexpected thing happened. We fell in love with the road. Long-term and slow travel became our way of life. Since then we have developed a lifestyle based around travel.

How did this happen?

As a trial run for our RTW trip, we spent months travelling in the Himalayas. That’s when we first realised that slow travel was really for us and we loved the uncertainties that come with this kind of travel. On returning back from the Himalayas, we started writing stories from our travels and sharing them across the internet.

Two things happened


Readers started appreciating our travels and stories. They started asking us questions and we enjoyed answering their queries, helping them make their travel plans. Word spread, our readers grew and notable publications like National Geographic and Yahoo Travel took note of our travels. Several publications (See our Media and Features page) wrote about our journey which gave us access to more readers. Soon we were recognised among the top travel bloggers in India.


When we weren’t traveling, we would be thinking about where to go next. The answer to, “So you’re back now?” became a constant, “Only for a while”. We knew then that in our minds – no matter where we were and what we did – we had turned nomads.

How do we travel?

We DO NOT have a bucket list. We want to go everywhere, see everything, meet everyone.

We don’t plan our travels to the minutest details. For travel within India, a one-way train/bus ticket and for international travel, a visa – is all we make sure we have. Everything else is left to serendipity. We love talking to the locals wherever we travel, they have become the best guides we have met in our travels.

We love to stay in homestays, take the public transport and eat the local food. We try to be responsible travelers and minimise the impact of our travels on the environment. We like to promote local businesses.

We love being in nature – we love long walks through the forest, a hike up an island or a stroll down a beach. We love as much exploring the tiny unknown corners in a city.

Photography is a big part of our travels and we make sure we have enough time to spend on making good pictures.

We have traveled widely across India. Most notable of these was our travel in the Himalayas. We have traveled extensively around South America, New Zealand and some of Southeast Asia.

Which only means one thing – there’s the whole wide world still waiting for us to be explored!

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