We were asked about where we’d like to travel with a one-way ticket. Go to a place and never come back.

To be honest, we would like to come back from everywhere, because only then we can visit it again! But this questions got us thinking. If we had to, what would we love to call home? Mountains, forests, beaches – what would it be? (No, cities hasn’t been an option for a while!).

Staying on islands had given us an experience of it all at once. Every time the boat had moved away, we had looked back at the island with longing life, dreaming of coming back again someday – maybe to call it home?

Reason 1: Blue is supposed to be the most soothing colour

And on an island, blue is everywhere. The endless waters of the ocean, the sea, the river or the lake meeting the blue skies at the horizon – it’s a dream come true that you can live with every single day.

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The less populated side of Isla del Sol, an island on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reason 2: Community bonding vibes are created even among strangers

Since you are cut off from the rest of the world by a fair amount of water, your fellow islanders become your extended family. “Everyone knows everyone” phenomenon is prevalent.

No wonder then, that we bonded so well with fellow travellers from all across the world, trekking, cooking, eating together. How awesome would it be to be part of the traveller community in say, the Andamans? Must have a look at Andaman Tourism. Maybe someday, we will call it home!

Cholitas carrying their wares up to their houses from the port at Yumani on Isla del Sol, an island on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

HI Hostel group on trek at Ilha Grande (Big Island), rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reason 3: Mountains in the mornings, beach in the evening

An island is where you can have it all! Just pick a trail, through the forest or atop a mountain, on the other side of where you left. Have a picnic lunch, soaking in the glorious vistas.

Then get back home, just in time for a quick swim by the beach – and a glorious sunset!

HI Hostel group on trek at Ilha Grande (Big Island), rio de Janeiro, Brazil

View of Yumani, a settlement on the south side of Isla del Sol on lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reason 4: How cool is a life that revolves around boats and sheep?

It’s a slow immersive life. Simple life.

All that you dream of when you say “you want to get away from it all”, is there!

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ilha Grande (Big Island), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sheep we met walking from the south to the north of Isla del Sol, an island in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Reason 5: Such are homes on an island!

What’s not to fall in love when THIS is home?

Hostel in a middle of nowhere at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Soaking in the sun and looking at Peru on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Reason 6: Once you decide that “island life” is what you want, the island country of New Zealand, automatically becomes an option!

Do you love islands? Where’d you like to live forever?

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  1. abhaynegi

    Your photography work is really awesome. The sheep one is beautiful.

  2. Vishal Pimpalkar

    Hey Hi, I am reading your maximum articles in Maharashtra Times.. Great stories..Beautiful snaps.. All the best

  3. I was just going wow over your pics, when you just nailed it with New Zealand in the end. Thats my fav island country 🙂 LOVE the pics as always!

  4. hi sandeep and chetan, this is Atul again from PUNE just want to know is their any possibility about we meeting, i m really passionate about travelling, has travelled a lot in INDIA but want to explore world now but have no idea how to plan it n execute it in small budget. need ur help n suggestion.

  5. Lovely world home

  6. Gauri Dighe

    Hi Sandeep,beautiful pics.Saw your program on Zee.Great work . Felt proud that I was your teacher once.God bless you and Chetan.Keep traveling .

  7. atul bhalerao

    Hi sandip and chetan myself Atul from Pune n i m crazy for travelling just like u people. I have made few road trips in India wt my father who is 80 yrs old. Want to meet u personally.

  8. Lovely pics 🙂
    Agree with your views. After we return from a trip, there’s excitement to plan the next one!

  9. Very nice pictures. I envy your lifestyle. Great choice.

  10. You had me at cities aren’t an option 🙂

  11. beautiful pictures… and the last picture sums up very well why one doesn’t want to leave an island…

  12. Fascinating pictures! The clarity and cool-ness of the blue is so inviting.

  13. Lovely pictures with interesting write up.

  14. Its a wow !!!! awesome pics, loved reading it.

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