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Beach: for every season, for every reason

“The steeper the climb, the better the views”, I said, trying to sound wise in a conversation with the little sister. To which she retorted, “Oh, but the views from the beach are just fine!”. The misguided metaphor did make her laugh, though.

From wild and raucous to calm and serene, white and blue to golden and red – there’s no dearth of reasons (excuses, did you say?) to justify some “beach time”.

Head to the beach because…

…it’s right there!

A city beach – whether it’s the Juhu beach in Mumbai, Marina in Chennai or Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, are integral to the daily life of the locals. Morning walks, yoga, gyms – they all happen here.

People arrive at the Juhu beach in Mumbai for a morning walk

Open air, free gyms on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Open air yoga sessions at Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

…it’s cricket time!

Or football, or frisbee or foot-volley. Clear space, free breeze, open air – what more does a friendly game need?

Young boys playing cricket on the Juhu beach in Mumbai on a Sunday morning

Young boys playing football on the Juhu beach in Mumbai on a Sunday morning

…that’s what friends do

“Let’s just go somewhere”, someone says as you are lounging after a heavy meal. Most coastal cities have a beach, just outside, for a perfect impromptu outing of friends.

Children enjoying a swim in the Juhu beach in Mumbai

Frisbee player Alleppey beach, Kerala, India

Take the closest exit out of your city and do the entire circuit of beaches in the area, if you please.

Head to Madh-Aksa-Marve beaches if you are on the northern end of Mumbai. More time on hand? Go to the Kelwa-Palghar-Dahanu stretch. Or take a ferry from the Gateway of India and head to the Alibag-Akshi-Nagaon-Kashid-Murud stretch. (After you disembark the ferry at Mandwa, a bus takes you to Alibaug. From Alibaug, regular state transport buses can drop you at any beach that entices you!).

A beach map tool can come handy in finding a beach that best suits your mood

…you’re planning a family holiday

Play in the water. Build sand castles. Run amok. Take a horse ride. Or a leisure walk. Sprawl on the sand, relax in the beach chairs. Children to grandparents, everyone can have fun together at the beach.

Family enjoying their time together at Aksa beach in Mumbai

Kovalam beach, Kerala, India

No one feels left out, no one has “issues” with the others (Come on, aren’t these integral to family holidays!)

…you need some “couple time”

The smooth sand slipping by your toes, the breeze caressing your hair, the gentle rhythms of the waves, the endless water and sky all becoming one at the far horizon – what could be a more romantic setting for a couple to get away from it all and spend some quiet blissful time together?

Smaller secluded stretch at Kovalam beach, Kerala, India

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Torrent Bay, Tasman, New Zealand

You could be camping in the Abel Tasman national park in New Zealand, holidaying in Brazil or catching up after a day’s work in Mumbai, the beach is sure to cast its spell.

…you want some “action”

Swim, dive, snorkel. Surf, kite, sail. Decide what’s the action for you. Find a beach that offers it (chances are it’ll offer several!). Happy times!

Tourists enjoying water sports at Tarkarli a coastal village on the Konkan coast in south Maharashtra.

Tourists enjoying water sports at Tarkarli a coastal village on the Konkan coast in south Maharashtra.

…it’s time for “me” time with the big red ball

Sunsets! The pink, orange, golden, red skies. Their perfect reflections. All forming one wicked blend. The red ball dancing on the smashing waves.

Sunset at Kovalam beach, Kerala, India

Sunset on the beach is exhilarating. If you seek calmness, it’ll soothe the frayed nerves. If you seek inspiration, it’ll inspire.

It has the rare quality of just letting you “be”.

With a coastline of over 7500 km, we haven’t even scratched the surface of “beach outings” in India. Walk along the entire Konkan coast, spend months in Goa (maybe live there!), dive at the best spots on the Indian coast, learn to surf. Live with the fishing communities, understand all their fishing techniques.

Our wishlist for the coast of India is as massive as the actual coastline. Armed with a beach map tool in hand, trusted shoes in the feet, cap over the head, water on the back – and a thirst for exploration in our heart, we will someday call the beaches of India “home”!

Have a favourite beach moment? Do share!

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22 thoughts on “Beach: for every season, for every reason”

  1. I mostly spend my long vacations around beaches at malvan and sindhudurg. Most of the beaches such as Anjarle, devgad, ganpati pule, guhaghar are less crowded. Families and couples can really have a great time enjoying in the beach. Once can take a long walk at the beach in the evening which create the romantic mood for the couples. This beach has such a wonderful sea food restaurants, so if you are foodie you might need to taste delicious sea foods.

  2. The photographs have conveyed the joy of being at the beach perfectly. Beach time is so synonymous with leisure, and playfulness, and fun, that almost everyone loves an outing to a beach once in a while.
    The best beach Iv’e been to so far is the Radhanagar beach in Havelock, Andaman (the entire trip to Andaman was amazing actually). I would recommend every beach lover to experience an evening there.
    Really love the feel-good vibes in your photographs and words. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Animesh! Andamans is a place we are waiting to go. From what I have seen and read, we can easily spend a month there, if not more! Hopefully will be doing just that sometime soon πŸ™‚

  3. I think my favourite beach moment would be when I was all by myself at Serenity beach at Pondicherry, The waves were mesmerising and the beach was secluded. It was like a private rendezvous πŸ™‚ Savoured it! loved it! πŸ™‚
    P.s: your pictures are breathtaking as always!

    1. Oh, that sounds lovely! For over 10 years now, have been making plans for Pondicherry, for some or the other reason, they have failed. Your experience brings up the desire once again πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing, Divyakshi!

  4. Heart the concept of Santander. Great post Sandeepa and Chetan. Beach indeed is for every season and every reason πŸ˜€
    Tara Nair

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