3 Stops to Include on Your Southwestern Trip across the USA

The USA is well known for being a vast and varied country that offers something for everyone.  The Southwestern parts are no exception to this rule, offering excitement and new experiences for anyone who wants them. 

Whether you’re flying in from another country or merely road-tripping your way across the United States, there’s a lot you don’t want to miss.  These three cities are gems you should enjoy while you’re making the drive through the hottest and dry part of the states!

Tucson, Arizona

Arizona is known worldwide as a travel destination.  In Canada, this state has a reputation for being a hotspot for snowbirds, while in most of the USA, it’s known for sightseeing and rock climbing. 

Tucson is a pearl in the desert, which experiences you literally can’t find anywhere else on Earth.  Saguaro cacti call this place their home, and although their imagery is used all over the Southwest, this is the only place in the country where these iconic plants grow. 

The art and scenery of gorgeous mountains will leave you breathless, while fun and excitement in the city will keep you down to Earth.  Enjoy an active and boozy party life at night, and during the day, get out and breathe in the fresh trail air.  This city is an oasis that can’t be replaced.

Austin, Texas

Austin’s reputation precedes it!  Good beer, better barbecue, and a young nightlife all combine into a real social city.  Standing apart for being rowdy and fun, Austin isn’t just booze and food! 

Home to the raceway that hosts the Grand Prix, there’s everything from auto racing to hiking available.  Endless national parks and open land offer a view into the American Southwest, unlike any other, and you’ll join in with the countless Americans who get inspired to look at Austin houses for sale.

Excellent colleges and schools are in the city, which makes this an area where you can party and eventually settle down and have a family—the best of both worlds.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A dark horse on this list, with less than ninety thousand people currently living in the city, Rio Rancho deserves a spot on anyone’s trip plans. 

Named as one of the top places to visit and live in multiple publications, this town has humble roots in mining that have eventually grown into a diverse and gorgeous part of the Albuquerque suburbs.  Fun casinos will entertain you through the night, while during the day, you can explore some of the most ancient features of American history. 

The Petroglyph National Monument is a prehistoric archaeology site with art from the first people to live on this continent. You’ll feel a sense of belonging and hope for the future, seeing how far we’ve come from our roots.

The Southwest is a part of the United States often gets written off as many cowboys and chili.  Although that assessment can be right, there’s so much more to this collection of states than any quick assumption.  Get to know these cities and the amazing people in them, and you’ll understand America a little better.



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  1. I have been planning to go to Tucson since 2 years but this pandemic cancelled all my plans..Will be visiting as soon as things get normal..Thank you for sharing, keep travelling and be safe.

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