A relatively short mountain pass of 13 km that starts right after Baltal, the first and dangerous pass on the Srinagar Leh highway, NH-1 D, the shortest access to Ladakh sees a lot of bikers when it opens up in the summer months.

Highways across India: 5 Heavenly Locations for Road Trip Fanatics

The best way to explore the unknown within us is to travel as much as one can. Road trips make for exciting travel experiences. India is blessed with several travel destinations which are beautiful beyond one’s wildest dreams. While some prefer to travel by Indian Railways and relish the best food in train on their journey, others believe that road trips are the way to explore this beauty.

If you’re an avid traveler with a backpack always packed then a highway ride in India is for you. Whether it’s the chilly hilly terrains of the Himalayas or a safari ride to the dense woods exploring the flora and fauna, these drives are bound to make you awestruck.

Here are five highways of India whose unexpected wilderness will make your jaw drop!

Leh–Manali Highway

Leh-Manali highway tops this list. It is considered as one of the best road trips in India by car spanning over 479 km. It is one of those highways of the world which offers everything a nature lover desires. Located at an altitude in the range of 14,000 feet, this highway provides magnificent views of snow-covered Himalayas and snowfall. Passionate travelers who have dedicated their lives to traveling must explore this heavenly highway at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, then Leh-Manali Highway ride should be your dream to travel. Preferred vehicles for the ride are SUV’s and Royal Enfield bikes. Do your research well in advance. Out of the total 479 kilometers, you won’t find any civilization and petrol pump to fuel your car/bike for most of the stretches. However, medical facilities are available at Sissu, Keylong, Sarchu and Pang army camps. If you stay in the northern parts of India, then New Delhi is the central point. Enrich your journey to New Delhi by using food delivery in train service and get fresh platter of meals delivered right at your seat. 

Manali to Shimla via Mandi

Well-maintained roads, gigantic rocks on one side, huge mountains and deep trenches make this highway the best to explore by car. Though Himachal Tourism run buses are available to reach from Manali to Shimla, travellers wanting to explore the abundant natural beauty leisurely must choose a car/bike. An exciting car ride on the NH88 from Shimla that merges into NH21 is a well-known route. After traversing 33 kilometers from Shimla, comes a beautiful stretch en route Shalaghat. One can stop at the local eateries on the highway that serve Punjabi food loaded with butter. After 51 kilometers one will reach to Daldamode followed by Bage. This highway ride will give you a spectacular view of mountains, and flora and fauna. You will also enjoy a lot of zigzag roads. This highway is an exciting route for photographers as well. 

Mumbai to Pune Highway

With a distance of 150 km and a travel time of two hours, this highway journey is a stress-buster for many who live in the hustle and bustle of the megapolis of Mumbai. Mumbaikars prefer to move to Lonavala or Khandala for a weekend road trip and traversing from Mumbai-Pune highway is an enthralling experience. Rocky Sahyadri mountains, a soft breeze, and several hills tops with vantage views will make you step out of your car to take in the beauty. Take the old Mumbai Pune highway instead of the Expressway to enjoy these views better. You can also stop at some famous eateries like Datta snacks for some local delicacies like sabudana khichdi and wada pav.  You muct also pick up dome peanut chikki at Lonavala.

Tawang from Guwahati

Northeast India is a treasure trove of natural spots and roads with thick woods on both sides. For those who love a road trip, travelling here by car/bike is a challenge worth taking. For a road trip fanatic, it’s 10 hours of drive from Tawang from Guwahati with several serene places to stop by and stretch your feet comfortably. Drizzling rain, chilly winds in your face while driving, the green woods surrounding your car and beautiful terrain of mountain roads altogether give you a breath-taking view of this highway ride.

Bandipur to Bangalore

Popularly known as the IT city or IT hub of India, Bangalore (Bengaluru) has many options like the Nandi hills to spend a weekend in the midst of nature. Or you can just drive down to the beautiful city of Mysore. However, a 235 KM drive from Bandipur forest to Bangalore is something that will give you a wild experience. The road is 235 km long and takes about five hours to drive. Pack you SUV with some snacks, take your friends along and have a memorable weekend trip!

Road trips are the kind of journeys that everyone who loves to travel must experience at least once. They give you complete freedom to explore the way to want to, at the pace that suits you the best. They are a wonderful way to fall in love with your own life!  



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