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Please use this space to provide any additional information that you think might help us to design your itinerary. Specific activities that you would like included, plus transport requirements should be mentioned here.
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Our charges for the Itinerary Design Service are as follows
For a trip between
3 days-1 week: 2500 INR
1-2 weeks: 5000 INR
Charges for longer trips will vary as per the trip

Why entrust us with planning your trip? We will let these Testimonials do the talking.

  • Sonali, solo female traveller

Dear Sandeepa Chetan,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!! I cannot tell you how helpful you guys have been so far in my planning! best money I’ve invested, I feel 🙂

  • Pavan, solo male traveller

Sandeepa and Chethan suggested a 3-day plan for Kashmir. They considered all my requirements and gave a solid plan with complete details. They also helped me in making cottage booking in Chatpal and also guided me during the trip. It was one of the most memorable trips. Thank you so much Sandeepa and Chethan.

  • Sujatha, female, group travel

Hi Chetan/Sandeepa

We were clueless when we were planning for the Amarnath trip. But the tips and suggestions you gave helped us to pack essentials effectively. Your blog is all-encompassing and serves as a good guide.

  • Preeti, family travel

Your blog helped us a lot to plan our itinerary. This is our first trip to Kashmir. So Srinagar, Pehelgum, Gulmerg and Sonmerg were the obvious choices. But because of your blog, we came to know about Yusmarg, Kokernag Daksum and Sinthan Top. And we decided to include those in our itinerary and we are so much thankful to you for this. True Kashmir lies in those places only.

  • P and A, family travel with a young son

We actually were itching to write this email after our travel there – thanks a bunch! You folks provided an amazing list of the itinerary that created a magical experience. We loved every minute of this experience, including, our son, of course 🙂

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