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Hikers Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

For an avid hiker looking to explore wondrous new landscapes, consider checking out Cape Town, South Africa. There are several hidden gems for any hiking enthusiast, with locations offering both beautiful landscapes and ample opportunity for exercise.


Table Mountain & The Aerial Cableway

Table Mountain is a truly unique experience that everyone should take the time to see. Offering three different hiking trails, Table Mountain is a World Heritage Site and is considered one of the richest floristic areas in the entire world. Catch a glimpse of the majestic sunset from the top of the mountain and enjoy the scenic panorama.


After a long day of hiking, you can also enjoy the wide range of food and drinks at the Table Mountain Café while uploading all your nature shots with friends and family and recharging both your devices and yourself at the Wi-Fi Lounge. Lastly, but certainly not the least, it’s highly recommended that you catch a ride in one of the cable cars that takes its passengers well above Cape Town. You’ll be on top of the world!

Table Mountain offers more than the iconic Table Top that most are familiar with. If you are looking to spend a few days camping or backpacking in this untouched paradise, the mountain range covers many miles and even more hiking trails. For more information on adventures the mountain has to offer, visit the National Parks Website.

Lion’s Head

Table Mountain can be a very long trail, even for a passionate hiker. If you’re hoping to take a hike while in Cape Town, but want something with a more leisurely pace, consider taking the Lion’s Head hiking trail. Lion’s Head is about a two-hour hike, and with clearly marked paths and directions, it’s a simple hike that doesn’t require a great deal of pre-planning.


The Lion’s Head trail circles around the mountain up to the very top, providing astounding views of the surrounding areas below. At full moon, you will find locals taking on the trail to soak up the impressive views. Try to plan your trip over one of these nights, it’s well worth the extra planning. Along the trail, there are even optional sections where you can challenge yourself with a bit of rock climbing for an added pump of adrenaline.

Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

The Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve in Cape Town offers several different hiking routes. And for the most adventurous outdoorsman, these routes also incorporate some bouldering and slab climbing along the way. There are routes for every comfort level – from easy climbs to more challenging ones. The massive granite mountain, affectionately known as Paarl Rock, offers a beautiful environment for a daring day out in the sun.


The reserve is open through the year, including weekends and holidays! And if a little bit of rock climbing or hiking really isn’t your thing, consider picking up a fishing permit and enjoy a relaxing day out on the waters. There’s a little something for everyone at Paarl Rock.

Constantia Nek


Constantia Nek is a summit that makes up the highest point of the Two Oceans Marathon route, which is held annually on the Saturday of the Easter weekend in Cape Town. Once again, there are several hiking trails to choose from. Pay special attention to where you’re stepping, however. While the area is a perfect place for those looking to get back to nature, Constantia Nek is also home to several endangered florae native to Cape Town. So be sure to mind your step as you enjoy your day out in nature!

Elephant Eye Cave & Silvermine Reservoir

The Silvermine Nature Reserve is a part of the Table Mountain National Park. It was made part of the latter in 1998 in order to ensure the protection of the diverse local environment. Other activities that you can partake in at Silvermine include hiking, rock-climbing, and even mountain-biking.


Within the reserve is a location known as Elephant Eye Cave, aptly named because the shape of mountainside looks like an elephant, and the cave lines up perfectly to be perceived as the eye. Hill inclines are not very steep, so a hike at this location is very easy. Consider bringing along a swimsuit to take a swim in the Silvermine Reservoir, or pack a lunch and have a picnic at this truly picturesque location!

Kraalbaai West Coast National Park

For those hoping to soak up some sun, consider taking a hike at Kraalbaai West Coast National Park. With an ocean view and sand beneath your toes, this location offers the perfect atmosphere for picnics, hiking, and even seasonal whale watching. Marvel at the natural wonders of wind-carved rock that have been shaped by centuries of wind and rain.


If the weather gets a bit too hot to bear, be sure to bring along a swimsuit and take a refreshing dip in the ocean or lagoon! The West Coast National Park offers many different hiking trails that you can choose from. Short of that, enjoy a nice long walk on the beach while listening to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves. It’s fun for the whole family with the nearby small town of Langebaan offering up incredible eateries and shopping!

There’s every kind of culinary experience you can think of to be found in the colorful streets that sprawl below this spectacular mountain. From up-market steakhouses, serving local beef, all the way to Halaal and Raw Vegan dishes can be found throughout the city. There is a strong culture of sustainability, natural living.


So, slip on your hiking boots, as the hiking trails of the Cape are waiting for you! With a wide variety of spectacular routes, you’re sure to find the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and create unforgettable memories.

Hiking is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. The next time you find yourself in Cape Town, South Africa, be sure to visit at least one of these fantastic locations to take in the sights and sounds of the trails. Enjoy the challenge and adrenaline of exploring a new place. The great thing about hiking is that you can bring friends and family along for the adventure.

Cape Town hiking guide



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