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Exploring Hyderabad: Places to visit and eat at

We had heard a lot about Hyderabad’s culinary heritage but didn’t have a local contact to help us discover the hidden treasures. We took to social media for suggestions on-the-go using our swift Airtel 4G. From unknown monuments of the Nizam’s era and one-of-a-kind ice cream parlours to inspiring stories of overcoming all obstacles, we discovered Hyderabad through the eyes of the “virtual” locals.

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Wellington beyond the tourist attractions

An extra day in Wellington meant we could see parts of the city beyond the Wellington waterfront. We started our exploration with the Botanical garden. It was at a walking distance from Darci‚Äôs house through the Tinakori road. Heritage homes on the Tinakori Road Many homes had the board “Thorndon […]

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The story of Rosario

Or WHY should Rosario travel be part of your itinerary in Argentina Once upon a time, there was a river. A mighty river, the biggest in its land. It made the land rich. Trade flourished, the people were happy. It even gave birth to the brave and revolutionary – the […]

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