At times you just wanna go…

There are times when where doesn’t matter. And you just can’t be bothered with how and what. All you know is – you need to go and you need to go now.

At such times, “blue” is the answer. The blue of the ocean, the blue of the sky – the blue of infinity. Also, white sands, green palms and the golden sun. What if it all comes together at a place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea? With 40 km of uninterrupted beaches, the all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, in the easternmost province of Dominican Republic sound like a perfect place to go.

Punta Cana all inclusive resorts

The endless beaches

The Bávaro Beach is a great starting point to start the Punta Cana All Inclusive holiday. Let the endless turquoise waters draw you in. Just grab a chair, and relax with your favourite book, favourite drink or your favourite person. Go for a swim. Repeat. It’s a life one could get used to!

Go surfing further up at Macao beach

Macao is a virgin beach further away from Bávaro. If you’ve always had this great desire of being one with the one, here is a chance to learn to surf. They provide classes to absolute beginners (a great pointer for us!) and their student to instructor ratio is 1:1. What better place to learn this exciting sport?

If surfing’s not your scene, the blue waters and white sands are omnipresent!

Explore the nature around this island

Every island has its own unique ecosystem. As visitors to these special places, one should always be mindful of this and be a responsible traveller.

You can go birding and try to spot the local birds like the majestic white heron or the Ridgway’s Hawk (only found in Punta Cana in all of Dominican Republic), and even some migratory birds like the White Playerito.

For more intense activity, you can go hiking in the National Park of the East, explore the fauna on a horseback ride through a forest or kayaking and snorkelling.

Think of any water-related activity and chances are you can do it here.

Island tour on an island holiday

You can go island hopping on day tours to secluded islands like Sanoa and Catalina – both part of the National Park of the East. These tours will also give you chance for some snorkelling and dipping in some natural swimming pools.

Go on a buggy adventure

If you are more of a “land person”, or just need take a break from blue for a while, try your hand at buggy riding. Literally, try your hand – you will get to manoeuvre one yourself. Getting away from the beach fronts will also give you a chance to take in the local flavours at the cocoa and coffee plantations, maybe even try some Mamajuana – a local drink that’s a mixture of wine, rum and honey fermented with tree barks and some herbs!

Soak in the privilege of the moment

Small islands on the way to Isla del Sol an island in Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side

Islands are special places on our planet – they are our favourite places to visit. A visit to an island – whether it’s a luxury holiday or you are roughing it out in the wild – an island gets your closer to nature. And in turn to yourself. Something about being away from the rest of the landmass stirs up a feeling of belonging to this planet we are privileged to be on.

This has the power to turn into moments of inspiration. And transformation. They draw you closer to yourself as they open you up to the beauty of the world around.

Be in this moment!

Remember: This is your time to relax

It’s easy to get drowned in FOMO when you are surrounded by a whole bunch of new experiences.

But an all-inclusive vacation in Punta Cana is a form of “do nothing” holiday. It’s the time you give yourself to free your mind, rest the body. “Relaxation” is the main attraction here. Spend time with yourself and your loved one.

Let the infinite blue cast its magic spell.



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