UNESCO certified heritage structure, India's iconic Taj Mahal in Agra symmetrical photo with the golden light at sunrise over the central dome of the Taj Mahal and its full reflection in the water canals

7 Photos from India, Yahoo! Picture of the day winners

Through these photos we share stories from the far corners of India. Of the places we have seen and experienced – mainly through the people we have met.

Each photo showcases a slice of life in India. Each one of these 7 photos was selected by Yahoo! as the Picture of the Day on the Yahoo! websites.

Atithi Devo bhava – My guest is my God

Gujjars are a nomadic tribe of shepherds who move up to the greener pastures in the hills in the summer. Come winter, they move down to the plains with their entire households and flocks. This was one such Gujjar family, happy to have us in their home.

A sentiment people throughout India, across cultural and social backgrounds share. As we realised on a trek in Yusmarg, Kashmir when this Gujjar family gave us a warm welcome into their home.

Children in the villages of India have the best playgrounds

Kids...ingenious and inventive...engineers in the making? They had themselves built these sledges. When a wheel came loose from one of them, they repaired it themselves, then and there

Where they get a chance to be inventive and ingenious, just like these two friends, Rohit and Owais from the village Pingwan in Kashmir.

Life is full of colours and Indian festivities are larger than life

Huge Rangolis like these, drawn by several artists working in sync adorn the streets of Pune during Ganesh festival. The entire city gets on the streets, dancing, swaying to the beats of the energising musical procession. It is a celebration of their art, history and culture.

This art form is called Rangoli. This one was drawn in honour of Lord Ganesh on the last, immersion day of the festival in Pune.

Necessity is the mother of invention

We saw him near Jami Masjid selling new and old used spectacles. Recycling is very common even in big cities and many poor people can save money by opting for them.

This old man selling used glasses outside Jami Masjid, Ahmedabad had invented this business for himself to necessitate survival. Recycling is very common in India, even in the bigger cities like Ahmedabad. Many poor people can save money by opting for them.

The Himalayas are magical

Mighty, endless, vast, abundant, clear, beautiful and pure…it touches you and moves you like only Nature can. Read about our visit to Tso Moriri at Mystical magical Tso Moriri lake in Ladakh

And Ladakh, a cold desert in the Greater Himalayas is the epitome of this magic. This photo is at Tso Moriri, a high altitude mountain lake in Ladakh.

The Taj Mahal, of course, needs no introduction

The most famous icons of India, the Taj Mahal needs no introduction. A UNESCO world heritage structure, it is an architectural marvel. Intricate carvings, studded with gems are exquisitely coupled with symmetry in design.

Probably the number one reason people visit India!

Children everywhere are full of talent

We met these Gujjar kids on our way to the Thajiwas Glacier in Sonmarg. Gujjars are a nomadic tribe of shepherds who move up to the greener pastures in the hills in the summer. Come winter, they move down to the plains with their entire households and flocks. Due to this lifestyle, the kids usually miss out on conventional schooling. These kids had attended a nomadic school and as proof, they recited to us the alphabet, numbers and also some song and dance. They were happy to receive chocolates as their reward.

These Gujjar kids, of a nomadic shepherd tribe, were eager to sing and dance. They were delighted to receive a chocolate for their reward – which they all shared!

These are the stories behind the photos

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