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Category: Longterm Travel

Our intorduction to longterm travel
Chetan and I met through a marriage bureau, back in 2010. Our love for travel drew us to each other and within a few months of that first meeting we were husband and wife.

Life went on as it usually does for a newly married couple in Mumbai. We got to spend a few hours together at night, have dinner and sleep. Monsoon weekends we would trek in the Sahyadris, on long weekends travel to obviously crowded places further away. Always coming back with dreams of a bigger, longer adventure. “Sometime in our lives we must”, would be a standard end of that conversation.

As time passed, we would see lesser of each other, our lives started following a fixed predictable pattern. We knew this would lead to a lesser time, fewer adventures and higher EMIs. Something had to change, and it had to change now.

We needed to step out of our lives and have a look at it from the outside. We needed a tool to learn what could be changed and how. It wasn’t difficult putting 2 and 2 together. The more we thought, the calls of those bigger and longer adventures became louder. Internet research threw tons of examples of people who had travelled longterm.

We decided to make longterm travel our tool of transformation.