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Our Travel Gear

We often get questions about the camera or lens that we are using to take the photos. Or about the gear that we are traveling with.
These are some travel gears we are using or gears we recommend.

Lawson Camping Hammock

Relaxing in a Lawson hammock at The Goat Village, Raithal surrounded by the Himalayas

We have recently discovered cool hammock which will protect us even in the rains. We use it as alternative shelter when we are not carrying a tent. Now you must be curious to find the source to buy this cool gear. Visit LawsonHammock website to know more. To avail 25% discount on your first purchase, use the code SANDEEPACHETAN25.

Camera and accessories

Most of the photos you see on this website are with this Canon 5D DSLR camera. This model is not in the production any more, Canon 5D Mark IV is the successor to the camera.

Lens for DSLR camera

You can not compromise on the lens that you use, because ultimately that decides your picture quality. Weight of the lens is 950 grams. It is a worthy investment.