Craggy mountains tops, desolated wetlands, mysterious castles and many more enigmatic yet powerful places characterise any scene from Game of Thrones. What makes GOT truly incredible is not just its stellar cast and fascinating storyline, but also its mysterious yet stunning backdrop locales. Dramatic that this series is, it transports you into a whole new world.

However, many locations that you thought were only an artificial creation, really do exist. The only thing is that God created them, GOT used them! Getting to see such places would be like a dream come true. Right?

So, here are five such locations that you may consider seeing on your travel plans:

The Dark Hedges

Dark and mysterious hedges hover above, and the wagon carries Arya Stark to a new
life, as she escapes before the king’s landing.

While watching this scene, many GOT fans were deeply enchanted by this pathway! However, many wondered if this was only an artificial setting created to give a dramatic feel. But this mysterious place does exist in Northern Ireland.

This pathway was already the most photographed spot in Ireland but after GOT’s filming of king’s landing here, this eerie yet beautiful spot has ever since attracted many fans too. If you plan to visit Ireland any time soon, and the adventurer in you wants to find this place, then it’s located on a quiet road near Ballymoney in County Antrim. The spectacular pictures you click here will be enough to make your other GOT fan friends jealous of you!

Marble Arches Cave

The enigmatic insides of the cave witness Hound and Beric’s confrontation, where
Hound wins, and Beric is resurrected.

The caves where this captivating scene was shot can be found at the foothills of Cuilcagh mountains in Northern Europe. One of the finest caves in Europe, this has winding passages, lofty chambers, glistening rivers and waterfalls. With all these natural marvels, it was indeed a perfect setting, much in line with GOT’s visually enchanting backdrops throughout.

Make sure that you include this in your itinerary whenever you visit this European country. Also, to cover yourself against travel-related contingencies, buy international travel insurance in advance.

Arrowhead Mountain

The precarious peaks stand in suspense, as John Snow and his gang face the night king.

The Arrowhead mountains are the most memorable locations from season 7 of this addictive show. Located in Iceland, these mountains along with the listening glaciers make for a perfect backdrop for the big standoff.
If you wish to experience this impressive reel location in real, do visit this Icelandic destination. We’re sure you’ll understand why GOT producers chose this for the epic fight.

Doune Castle

Amidst the cliffs and ridges, the Doune Castle stands majestically in the city of

We know you’re transported to season 1 of GOT where this castle stood on picturesque highlands, a place you didn’t know existed in real. Few but impactful scenes were shot on this location which exists in this place called the ‘Isle of Skye.’

Moreover, the producers of GOT scouting the rugged yet beautiful landscapes of this destination in Scotland are now using this again in GOT’s prequel too. So, visit this island that has plenty of points to give you just GOT kind of vibes.

Pile Bay

Even the calm bay listened as Sansa and Shae sit by the docks talking about ships
when Petyr comes and reveals his plans for Sansa’s escape.

Croatia is one place where several scenes of Daenerys and King’s Landing have been shot. This Pile bay with its embracing calm took the hearts of many GOT fans as it served as a backdrop to the two lady’s conversation. This pretty bay also stood as a witness to the killing of Robert Baratheon’s enemies. The surreal look of the bay shown on screen is far more mesmerising than what you may have thought of while watching the show.

If you plan to visit Croatia, then you’ll find many other GOT locations, that’ll be even more impressive in reality. Visit ‘Split’ where most of the dragon and Khaleesi’s storyline took shape; the old town where the King had his Landing and the ‘Land of the unsullied’ where Khaleesi plotted her revenge.

Insure Your ‘Game of Travel’

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