Plan Your New Zealand Trip

New Zealand is the candy store of travel. These two tiny little islands at the far corner of our planet are packed with surprises. A trip to New Zealand is a dream come true.

Why should you trust us for such a special time in your life?

We KNOW what this travel across New Zealand means to you.

Our recommendations are based strictly on our travel experience and expertise. We are not your regular travel agents who only work against a commission. Creating a travel experience worthy of a lifetime memory is our ultimate goal.

New Zealand Trip Planner Form

Please use this space to provide any additional information that you think might help us to design your itinerary. Specific activities that you would like included, plus transport requirements should be mentioned here.
To understand your/ your family's interests better, we would like to have a conversation with you. Suggest a time when we can discuss your New Zealand trip.
Our charges for the Itinerary Design Service are as follows
For a trip between
1-2 weeks: 5000 INR
2-3 weeks long: 10000 INR
Charges for a month/multiple month trips will vary as per the trip
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