Terms and Conditions for sandeepachetan.com license

  • By using this content, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this license.
  • The content is provided under the terms of the sandeepachetan.com license. In addition to this license, it is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law.
  • Any use of the content other than as authorized under this license or copyright laws is strictly prohibited.
  • The copyright of the content stays with the sandeepachetan.com
  • Ownership of the content stays with the sandeepachetan.com.
  • sandeepachetan.com does not transfer the ownership to the end user.
  • Publishers are not allowed to resell the content or relicense.
  • The content may not be used in advertising of any sort.
  • A publisher is a person or organization who publishes a piece of content at least once.
  • For the purpose of this license, a publisher has a broad definition. Any person or organization who publishes a piece of content or delivers publishable content at least once, online or offline, is considered a publisher.
  • Therefore, any person or organization using content from sandeepachetan.com in a blog, in a social post, on a website or in a magazine, online or offline, or at any place where it can be seen by other people, is considered a publisher.
  • We are not responsible if problems arise because of this license.
  • sandeepachetan.com is not liable for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising from this license or the use of any content through the sandeepachetan.com license.
  • The license is not exclusive, any piece of content can also be protected by another license elsewhere.
  • The sandeepachetan.com license is valid for all our content Since content is non-exclusive, the same content could be also available elsewhere under another license.
  • The sandeepachetan.com license only applies when the content is used through sandeepachetan.com.
  • As an example, a photo could by under a Non-commercial Creative Commons license on Flickr, and under the sandeepachetan.com license on our platform at the same time. In this case, the photo licensed through sandeepachetan.com could be used in an editorial article, while the same photo licensed through Flickr could not.
  • The license is automatically terminated if there is a breach of its terms.
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