Food Plan

The joy of food is so much more intensified with the fully equipped kitchen onboard Taurus, bringing alfresco dining at its best with canned as well as freshly sourced produce and ingredients from the local markets. We have designed our menu to be as healthy as possible and appeal to your Indian tastes.

We do our best to enhance your outdoor experience, we understand that food plays a great role! But one must consider that these are `outdoor’ meals cooked `on the move’ (not in a static kitchen of a static camp or a resort). We carry good quality and branded food items. But still can’t be compared to a restaurant kitchen.

Mostly we use the best available Desi Ghee (Butter Oil) a rare thing in tourism industry. We offer fixed veg menu though flexible for group meal. On normal days we offer the following food plan:


One glass of juice, one veg item a day (poha/ Upma/ Parottha/ Puri with veg), corn Flakes with milk, one egg preparation, tea/coffee.


If Taurus is in static camping then normal lunch, if on the move then ‘field lunch’ which either could be from the kitchen of Taurus or in a third party establishment (to be decided by the Crew), your happiness and health is more important than anything else. If it’s a lunch at third party estab then it will be a standard menu for all, personal choice to be paid by individuals. Anything extra than standard is payable by the individual directly in cash.


Veg soup, one vegetable/ one Daal, rice, chapatti, with dessert/ sweet (it could be dry or fresh)

Morning Tea – a ritual

Onboard Taurus, morning teatime is chance to celebrate tranquility in the lap of nature. The total setting in locales away from touristy crowds makes it ‘tea ritual’ aboard Taurus that will remain etched on your memory long after the journey is over.We set stage to ensure your soul dances while admiring the crimson sunrise through the swirl of steam arising from your morning cup of tea. The warmth of a hot mug of tea at dawn in the lap of nature sets the tone for the day. We celebrate your tryst with tea in a special way with the subtle flavours that complement your surroundings. This is designed to arouse your curiosity and connect with nature.We offer you an array of flavours that blend into the colours of the morning to make you feel one with your natural surroundings. It all starts with the melody of the kettle whistle and the fresh aroma of the best teas to get you going. Our quaint little tea ritual helps you to appreciate the sounds of silence while nature awakens with the morning sun .We take pride that even 5 Stars can’t emulate us in the field for this morning tea ritual !

Evening Tea

We do our best to ensure you get an evening tea break everyday. Its with biscuits and cookies, if time and circumstances permit on some days we do cook hot snacks too, a delight in the middle of nowhere.


We have world’s best Weber Barbeque Grill which we deploy on some occasions especially when Taurus is static for two nights at least. Its offered at extra cost.


  • The happiness, pleasure and comfort of our guests onboard Taurus is of paramount to us and we understand that for some non-veg food is a must in everyday diet. At the same time, considering it’s tricky to procure healthy meat on the move away from regular reliable sources in remote and rural settings, we are constrained to offer you vegetarian food onboard Taurus.
  • We don’t advocate vegetarianism, neither its to save money and effort.
  • Also, its a challenge to cater like a restaurant for veg and non-veg food from a kitchen of a mobile camping where there is paucity of time, manpower and space. Though we serve eggs almost everyday, easy to manage.
  • We do give ample opportunity to our guests to exercise their own choice for non-veg at some places on their own. Also, when we hire third party facilities in some places (e.g. Nubra Valley and Pangong in Ladakh) we order non-veg food as part of the package.
  • If the pleasure of ‘non veg food’ is being denied by circumstances and design then we suggest you to see beyond non-veg food, as we leave no stone unturned to manage pleasure beyond words for you.

If you have any specific dietary requirements for medical considerations, please inform us at the time of bookings. We shall try our best to accomodate special diet, but no guarantees. Yes, we shall cater for diabetic participants or alternatives can be discussed.

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