What made fall the best time to visit New Zealand for us

New Zealand is one of those certainties in life you can count on. The sun will rise in the East, the cuckoo will sing in summer, New Zealand will be beautiful – always.

Yet, we feel New Zealand’s beauty peaks in the fall months. We believe fall is the best time to visit New Zealand.


We’ll just let these photos do the talking.

You’ll have the beaches, national parks or the walking and cycling trails all to yourself

Summer in New Zealand is school holiday time. And to the Kiwis, holidays mean the outdoors. Families take to the camping grounds and beaches making pre-planning essential. We will not use words like choc-a-bloc and crowds because – New Zealand.

But in the fall season, even the beaches in the busy parks like Abel Tasman National Park are almost empty. It always helps to know that you won’t have to worry about finding a place to swim, camp or stay. While trekking or on cycling tracks, there’ll be just enough people to not make it too busy or too lonely.

Fall is the best time to visit New Zealand if you want to spend time outdoors and enjoy your peace at the same time.



The weather isn’t too hot, neither too cold

From the north to the south of, the fall weather of New Zealand is just right to experience the best part of this country – the outdoor.

The sun is out, the days are breezy (the summer actually has winds blowing in from the south aka Antarctica making the south island ferociously windy at times). Skies are clear and visibility stretches out to the horizon.

All the ingredients essential for a perfect trekking day can be easily found everywhere, making fall the best time to visit New Zealand to get close to nature.




Milford Sound comes alive

Milford Sound is the star attraction in New Zealand. What Taj Mahal is to India, Eiffel tower is to France, Milford Sound is to New Zealand.

We usually have the perception that rains play spoilsport while travelling. We had stepped in the isite at Queenstown with this perception, all set to cancel out Milford Sound from our plans. “Oh no, you can’t do that”, the girl at the centre told us. Seeing our puzzled looks, she gave us the details of the geography of Milford Sound and why it’s the wettest place in New Zealand.

“In the summer Milford Sound is all pretty and nice, but in this season, it’s awesome.” The sparkle in her eyes while saying “awesome” told us we had to go check it out.

With rains almost every day in the autumn, there are waterfalls everywhere. The wilderness of Milford Sound comes alive loud and clear in this season.



Colours in the skies, vineyards, orchards

Sunrise and sunsets can drive you mad! Fruit picking season is on which means a plentiful of fresh, local fruits right at the orchards and in the supermarkets. The grapes have been harvested and the year’s wine making process has begun.





Everywhere you look, you see gold

We have nothing more to say. We rest our case!





Have we convinced you that fall is the best time to visit New Zealand?

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What made fall the best time to visit New Zealand for us

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21 thoughts on “What made fall the best time to visit New Zealand for us

  1. Sonali

    Beautiful pictures.. yes, you convinced me to make this trip..
    good going guys, consistently great content.. very inspiring indeed!!

  2. Sneha Khale

    Ah New Zealand <3 Most places look good in fall, but NZ looks especially so. The coastline, the beaches, the cycle paths, the sheep..sigh. Not sure how I feel about the "wilderness" of Milford Sound in the rains (it looks pretty ominous tbh). But again, New Zealand <3 Gorgeous pictures, and a lovely little post to nudge us all to travel to NZ again 🙂

    1. Sandeepa Chetan Post author

      Haha, ominous sounds a bit harsh, no? How can anything in New Zealand be called ominous? But then again, with a total absence of predators, the only thing “dangerous” in New Zealand is the water.