Dubai: My Pick from the City like no other

Dubai has changed rapidly with its towering skyscrapers, adventure sports and its extravagant but classy aesthetics. Dubai Tourism makes a special effort to make every traveller’s visit extraordinary. So, before you head to Dubai, here are stand out attractions which we feel you need to visit.

Dubai’s Unique Skyline and Islands

Initially constructed to be Eighth Wonder of the World, the Burj Khalifa catches your attention as the tallest tower amongst the Dubai Skyline. At the Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Dubai from the Observation Desk. Also, you can dine at Michelin chef world class restaurants and shop for the finest in clothes and accessories under one roof.


Standing tall at 590 feet on another man-made island off the coast, it is Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest hotel. The Al Muntaha restaurant will take your breath away with its massive aquarium which is roughly the size of a two-storied apartment. Designed by Tom Wright and Carlos Ott, the Burj was constructed in the shape of a ship’s sail.


The Palm Jumeirah was developed in the form of artificial archipelagos in the Arabian Gulf waters. These islands were completed in 2006 as reclaimed land. Palm Jumeirah is known for its posh residential address and is a popular tourist destination. Perhaps the most well-known among these man-made archipelagos islands is ‘The World.’ The islands are in the form of a world map and are located 4 kilometres of the coast of Dubai and home to several celebrities.

For the Car Enthusiast

If you have a passion for fast cars, then you should head to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to experience supercars up close and personal. The entire area of Ferrari World is the size of 7 football fields and houses over 16,000 Ferraris. With a footfall of nearly 2 lakh visitors every year, they can be entertained with Ferrari-themed roller coasters, museums and projection shows. At The Desert, you can ride sand dunes on 4X4 hired cars and drive alongside white sands and be away from the buzzing city life.


Dubai will etch fond memories of your stay at a futuristic and ever expanding city. A simple Tourist Visa will get you on the next plane to Dubai based on your ticket bookings and travel preferences. Whether it’s music, dance, adventure sport or fine dining, Dubai always has something special to offer for you.

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11 thoughts on “Dubai: My Pick from the City like no other

  1. Neha Singh

    Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It offers everything to all ages to soak themselves in adventure, fun, and excitement, both indoor and outdoor. Of course, the main highlight of the city is the awesome “Burj Khalifa.” I feel this would be the first thing Gods from the heaven must be seeing when they look down. Besides this gigantic and futuristic tower, there are many attractions in this pearl city, as you have rightly described in your blog, that an etched unforgettable memory in your mind and heart.

  2. Umrah

    Dubai is the dream city everyone in the world can really want to visit there and stay there to explore the mega development and beaches …

    1. Sandeepa Chetan

      Hey Renuka, we’ve heard too many mixed accounts on Dubai. Some can’t stop going there every year while some say it’s a bubble 🙂 But all these contrasting accounts have only added to the intrigue. One thing we’ve realised in our travels is, every place has a story to tell – it might be one you like or don’t like, but the story is there, waiting to be explored. In this spirit, we totally agreed to having a post on Dubai on our – it is definitely a place we want to explore.